About Us

Launched in 2013, Bunkeringatsea.com is the first integrated web-based platform in its field and aims to provide innovative/optimal network solutions for bunkering through several types of electronic auctions.

Our vision- To provide, through electronic auctions, reduced/optimized costs for bunker prices as well as lower administrative costs while consuming less time doing it!

Bunkeringatsea.com operates in a secure electronic environment to minimize the time required for ordering or offering bunkers and registered companies have the ability to address a greater number of providers/customers. Overall, the procedure of placing a bunker request or proposal is simplified. Throughout the entire bidding you are in control since you are able to monitor the order process from start to finish.

The system is designed to facilitate day-to-day bunkering business while providing flexibility and the ability to manage multiple orders-offers simultaneously. In addition, registered members have access to transaction history (real time prices) for comparison, future reference or record tracking.

In essence, the Bunkeringatsea.com platform ensures clarity and transparency among Ship Owners and Charterers/Suppliers/Brokers in an innovative and cost-competitive environment.

Bunkeringatsea.com is designed for:

  • Ship owners - all sectors
  • Chartering agencies
  • Bunker suppliers
  • Bunker brokers
  • Bunker traders

Ship Owners/Charterers: One-Stop Shop, 3-Step Process: Select the Product, Destination Port & Compare

Our website allows you to select the product you are interested in, designate the port of delivery and compare offers all in one platform. Our process puts an end to the challenging phone calls and e-mails in your endeavour to trace product availability as well as low/optimized prices. Regardless the time (zone) or the port, Bunkeringatsea.com lets you secure a guaranteed delivery and the lowest possible bid, 24/7.

Physical Suppliers/Brokers/Traders: Expand your business, manage your orders, track your history

Through your account with Bunkeringatsea.com, you have access to monitor at any given time any number of active bunker orders/offers as well as previous ones while you have the opportunity to approach a broader number of new customers worldwide. Your history of transactions is available to download for your Company files. This enables you to update all departments involved in the process, from Operations to Accounting in order to efficiently track orders, deliveries and payments.

* Bunkeringatsea.com is owned and operated by Bunkering at Sea (BAS) Ltd. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us.

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